A Transparent System that ensures Quality

There has been many cases in the industry where entire product batches have been contaminated and rendered unsafe to use because several factors like mishandling, lack of inadequate quality control in sourcing or processing or packaging. Bio-gen maintains strict levels of quality and handling to ensure that such incidents never occur in our processes, from sourcing to delivery.

Generally, various factors effect the quality of neutraceuticals; from the source of the raw materials, handling and processing to packing, storing and shipping. It is usually difficult to have a full view of all these areas of the processing and handling before the products reach you, the customers. Quality of raw materials has always been a growing concern in the industry, since it is cumbersome for most players to track materials from their point of origin, through their processes to the shelves of their clients.

So, how do we ensure quality in our processes and safe sourcing, processing and delivery of ingredients to our customers every single time? Well, we follow a strictly regulated systems at every level of our operations that are monitered around the clock and processes that are under strict scrutiny at all times. We establish quality of processes even at grass root levels and transparency in our methodologies.

We offer complete transperancy from source to shelf to ensure that the ingredients are not only of the highest quality and standards but also gives our clients greater control over products and processes to keep their end of the promise to their customers and partners. The systems laid out to improve transparency and accountability go beyond policies based on the GMP guidelines that cover the manufacture of neutraceuticals to meet the requirements of safety, identity, potency, strength, quality, purity, uniformity and stability.  With improved transparency, our Customers an be assured that they have more understanding of the quality of ingredient they purchase.

We source all our materials from certified raw-materials manufacturers and suppliers with whom we’ve built a relationship and trust over the years. We take our relationship with our suppliers and partners very seriously.  Our sources are all at par with the industry standards and maintain strict guidelines of quality. All our vendors go through a strict selection process and need to qualify to be accepted as a vendor/partner at Bio-gen Extracts.

Bio-gen continues to follow the best of packaging practices available today for each product type and requirement. We also have partnered with certified packaging providers that have the best of technology and processes to bring you ready-to-brand products as per your needs. Product innovation and R&D enables us to give you the best solutions for
your product & packaging needs in the shortest turn-around times.

We operate out of a GMP compliant API manufacturing facility at Dobbespet Industrial Area in Bangalore, India. Our new plant is a state of the art facility that complies quality and safety guidelines of the indsutry. We are a HACCP, GMP, HALAAL & KOSHER certified company that strives to maintain the higest standards of quality across our portfolio of products and our processes.

These are not just quality control, they are also the factors that have helped us grow into one of the leading API manufacturers in the country with a growing global clientale that is a testimony to our commitment to quality and transparency. Our processes are transparent and we help our clients look into them when needed, so they know exatly what they’re getting.

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