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Fiber & Cardiovascular Health

A study found that consuming added sugars increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, while eating more dietary fiber can help decrease this risk. Read full article here: Fiber is an essential part of a balanced diet. Fiber decreases serum … Continue reading

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Fiber for a healthy gut microbiome It was always known that a healthy intestine is essential for overall health and well-being. A big factor that influences intestinal health is the gut microbiome. Fiber intake seems to be an important factor affecting the gut microbiome. FenuLean®, … Continue reading

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FenuLean® has been clinically-proven to help manage weight and blood sugar levels.

FenuLean® is versatile, as shown by our finished-product applications; making it an ideal ingredient that not only improves the protein & fiber profile of products, but also helps improve their palatability and mouth-feel. Reach us to learn how FenuLean® … Continue reading

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Food brands push to improve fiber intake.

The demand for high fiber foods is on the rise and global food brands are doing their part to boost fiber intake. As various fiber enhancing combinations, processing techniques and ingredients are being explored, natural high fiber ingredients seem to … Continue reading

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21 Years of Nutraceutical Innovations

Bio-gen extracts has been committed to bringing good health and nutrition to the world for the last 21 years. We continue our work towards bringing scientifically backed ingredients and new product formats to the evolving demographic. Reach us at … Continue reading

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Research suggests that the gut & brain are interlinked and are related to overall health & well-being

A healthy gut requires proper nutrition, of which dietary fibers are a crucial aspect. This may in turn help fight off inflammation, boost immunity & support brain health. Discover how FenuLean® can help improve the nutritional profile of your product … Continue reading

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