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Fighting cognitive decline with Fiber!

According to a recent study, adequate fiber intake reduces the risk of developing cognitive decline in older people. Read the full article here: The study, published in the journal Age & Ageing, examined the association between dietary fiber & … Continue reading

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Lute-gen® for MPOD & CFT

Macular Pigment Optical Density is a measurement of the amount of carotenoids accumulated in the macula of the eye. Macular pigments like lutein & zeaxanthin function as blue-light filters and have antioxidant properties that protect the eye from damage. The fovea, a … Continue reading

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NutraIngredients Asia Award 2022 Unboxing

We received our NutraIngredients-Asia Award 2022 for Ingredient of the Year – Healthy Ageing, a few weeks ago.  We organized an unboxing of the award with our staff to showcase our gratitude for the contribution made by each individual. This award … Continue reading

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World Mental Health Day

Mental well-being needs to be supported at a global scale. On this World Mental Health Day, let us make mental well-being for all, our priority, by embracing scalable and effective solutions. Our award-winning Lute-gen® shown to significantly improve episodic memory, … Continue reading

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Study links Alpha Carotene to maternal MPOD.

A recent study from Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital shows that alpha-carotene and lutein were positively correlated with maternal macular pigment optical density (MPOD). Read full article here: Our carotenoid complex CaroRite™ contains Alpha Carotene along with … Continue reading

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Lute-gen® clinical study on improved cognitive function is now published!

After having successfully established Lute-gen® for visual health, we are happy to announce the publication of our cognitive function study in the journal Frontiers – Nutrition & Brain Health! Lute-gen® is now a one stop-solution for visual health, cognitive health … Continue reading

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