Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is to observe good manufacturing and laboratory practices as laid down in the Indian Drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940 and Rules, 1945 and as per the British Pharmacopoeia (by International Regulatory Authorities).

This will include (but is not limited to) the following:

1) To observe CGMP, by adopting well defined manufacturing process with in-process controls and necessary requirements such as personnel, premises, plant, safety and validated procedures.

2) Maintaining adequate and competent staff that is well trained in the GMP and GLP aspects.

3) Train the staff and motivate them to follow pre-determined written procedures and maintain records of compliance. To conduct regular quality audits and take corrective actions to streamline systems and maintain desired quality consistency.

4) To observe validated cleaning procedures to ensure thorough cleaning of equipments.

5) To observe good housekeeping and thus avoid mix-up and possible contamination.

6) Conducting stability studies under normal and stress conditions, to ensure stability of the product.

7) Withdrawal products of batches deteriorating during the study.

8) Investigate the cause and take remedial measures.

9) Handling complaints regarding quality & procedures as laid down for investigations and corrective actions.

The above policies and guidelines are based on the GMP standards, laws and regulations covering manufacture of pharmaceuticals to product meets the requirements of safety, identity, potency, strength, quality, purity, uniformity and stability. All members of our technical staff are aware of this quality policy and other details for assurance of quality of our processes and products.

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