Research & Development


Bio-gen has invested greatly in our Research & Development facilities and Labs in order to stay at the forefront of product & process innovation in the Nutraceuticals space. We are constantly adding new talent, methodologies and practices to our ever growing R&D unit which has helped us prepare and test new formulations in record time and help bring new products to market.

Our R&D has been part of our efforts to stay in the fore-front of innovation in our industry and pass the benefits of our discoveries to our clients.  R&D talent at Bio-gen is experienced and comes from the best universities in the country. The team goes to great lengths to ensure that no compromises are made in all undertakings.

Roles & Activities

  • Pre-formulation & Formulation Research
  • Ingredients Research & Development
  • Formulation Research & Development
  • Analytical tests & methods for product validation – stability, quality, consistency
  • Stability testing through physical and chemical analysis of products
  • GMP compliant Laboratory-scale and pilot-plant manufacturing
  • Development of Production Process development and scale-up validation
  • Transfer of Technology & Formulation to production
  • Trouble shooting & Incident Response

Our focus is to provide our client with the latest in Nutraceuticals and Food Ingredients while reducing the their risks of introducing new products or new product categories to the market. Our clients also benefit from the new opportunities we extend to them as a result of new findings or developments from our ongoing R&D pursuits. This is something that makes us considerably unique among other players in the space.

The Vision of our R&D Department

  • Focus on Quality in all aspects and activities
  • Develop beneficial ingredients & formulations and contribute towards extending the product life-cycle
  • Be an effective and efficient Research and Development center
  • Develop methods of analysis, specifications and quality assurance norms for all activities
  • Enable process that scale to regular production without loss of quality or production efficiency

Bio-gen’s R&D facility at the Dabaspet plant with its state-of-the art technology & talent has enabled us to have several product innovations; the most recent of which is our ‘Garlic Extract’ product. This is a proven product with multiple benefits such as cholesterol reduction, Blood Pressure control, and helps balance lipid profile among others.  This product was developed entirely in-house and is currently undergoing final rounds of clinical tests. Our clients enjoy the benefits of all our break-throughs and show great enthusiasm and support towards our R&D endeavors.

Apart from new product development, our Labs offer strict and on-demand quality control and sampling of all batches of ingredients. This ensures that you can be sure of the quality of ingredients each and every single time.


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