Critical inspection of clinical study reports 

Analyzing scientific study reports is an important part of our work in the nutraceutical industry. However, people with non-scientific backgrounds may find it challenging to confidently read & critically analyze the reports.

This article from gives an overview and some important tips on reading scientific reports:

Companies should follow the gold standard of a clinical study, which is a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial in a healthy population for the food & supplement industry. The study findings should be provided in simple language, with precise information on the ingredient that has been studied, the exact demographic, and having an ideal sample size & duration of the study.

At Bio-gen Extracts, we heavily invest in the scientific studies of our ingredients and also make it convenient for everyone to use our research publications. Efforts are made to ensure that our study designs comply with international guidelines, and are thoroughly vetted by third-party organizations and industry stakeholders. This ensures that you are not overwhelmed with too much technical information initially, while ensuring that you get easy-to-analyze study-details when needed. We believe accessibility is key when it comes to all technical information.

Write to us at to learn more about our peer-reviewed study publications.

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Bio-gen Extracts | Nortrade Pharma

It was wonderful to meet with our partner, Nortrade Pharma, a leading importer and distributor of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), herbal extracts and raw materials in Poland.
Our shared goal is to provide high-quality, science-backed nutraceutical ingredients for the Polish market.

Thank you, Nortrade Pharma for your continued support as we work together to help the people Choose Good Health™.

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Sports nutrition preferences of athletes and active consumers – A Survey

The transition to a food-first approach to health has led to consumer enthusiasm for functional food and drinks for muscle recovery, strength enhancement and exercise endurance according to a newly published survey.

The sports & exercise nutrition global market was at $40 Billion USD in 2021 and is expected to grow at 8.5% from 2022-2030 with the increase in demand for evidence-based nutritional products. Meet these demands with TruBeet®!

Read full details here:

TruBeet®, our Non-GMO Project Verified, Nitrate-Rich Beetroot Extract is designed specifically to provide a high concentration of dietary nitrate. TruBeet® is clinically-proven to increase endurance & exercise performance significantly.

Write to us at to learn how TruBeet® can help you develop superior products for sports and active nutrition consumers.

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National Safety Week at Bio-gen Extracts

We observed the 52nd National safety week following the theme of the National Safety Council of India – ‘Our Aim – Zero Harm’. We conducted some awareness events for the employees like the Safety Poster Writing, a Quiz and an Essay Writing contest which were followed by prize distribution.
At Bio-gen Extracts, we prioritize safety above all else. Various protocols and parameters are put in place to ensure the safety of personnel & materials, as well as safe handling of all equipment at our organization.
We will continue our efforts towards improving the safety of our people, while helping them Choose Good Health™.
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Women’s Day celebrations at Bio-gen Extracts

We had a wonderful Women’s Day celebration with exciting games, an encouraging speech by the management and gifts for everyone.

Bio-gen Exrtacts is thankful for the efforts and dedication of all the women in our workforce, and their contributions that help the world Choose Good Health™.

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Fiber & Cardiovascular Health

A study found that consuming added sugars increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, while eating more dietary fiber can help decrease this risk.

Read full article here:

Fiber is an essential part of a balanced diet. Fiber decreases serum total and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentrations, reduces the absorption of cholesterol into the intestines by binding with bile & excreting it. Thus, fiber can help improve blood circulation, improve overall heart health, substantially helping reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

FenuLean®, our clinically-validated Fenugreek Protein & Fiber has been shown not only to provide an ideal dose of soluble and insoluble fibers, but also help manage body weight and blood sugar levels. It could be the ideal ingredient to enhance fiber intake & also aid in cardiovascular health.

Reach us at to learn more about FenuLean®

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