Nitrate rich food may support heart health

Foods that are nitrate rich may help support cardiovascular health as indicated by these studies. In a world where a significant number of people are affected by heart disease, natural solutions are the need of the hour.

One of the natural foods that is high in nitrate content is Beetroot. Our TruBeet®, a clinically proven beetroot extract that is high in bioavailable nitrates, is designed to support an active lifestyle and promote cardiovascular health.

If you are developing products that improve cardiovascular health, reach us at to know how  TruBeet® can help you find an edge.

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FenuLean® has been clinically-proven to help manage weight and blood sugar levels.

FenuLean® is versatile, as shown by our finished-product applications; making it an ideal ingredient that not only improves the protein & fiber profile of products, but also helps improve their palatability and mouth-feel.

Reach us to learn how FenuLean® can help you create foods for the weight conscious consumer.

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Low cost per dose TruBeet® helps bring effective active nutrition to the masses

TruBeet® is a clinically-validated beetroot extract that is low cost per dose, making it an ideal ingredient to help meet the demand of mainstreaming of sports nutrition and active lifestyle.

Reach us at to know how TruBeet® can help develop superior, cost-effective active nutrition products.

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Lutein supplementation may help a low calorie diet, shows study

Lutein continues to show significant benefits to overall health and well being. There is however, a need for sourcing high quality Lutein for your products and not all Lutein are the same.Bio-gen Extract’s Lutein Lute-gen®, is clinically validated for eye health, cognitive health and healthy ageing and comes with complete end-to-end transparency guaranteed.

We have been providing Lute-gen® to some of the major players across the globe; and now, you too can improve your products with Lute-gen®.Discover our class-leading Lutein Lute-gen®, write to


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Meet the gummy craze with Lute-gen®

Gummies are fast becoming a popular format for nutraceutical supplements. They are easy to consume and appeal to a wide consumer base.

Our clinically-validated Lute-gen® is highly stable in gummies. It could be the ideal ingredient for you to dominate the nutraceutical gummies space.

Request a sample, write to today!

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Food brands push to improve fiber intake.

The demand for high fiber foods is on the rise and global food brands are doing their part to boost fiber intake. As various fiber enhancing combinations, processing techniques and ingredients are being explored, natural high fiber ingredients seem to offer a promising solution. Fenugreek is one such ingredient.

FenuLean® is our clinically validated fenugreek protein & fiber that is effective, safe and versatile. Whether it is filling the fiber gap or helping manage blood sugar levels, FenuLean® packs a punch.

To learn more about how FenuLean® can improve the fiber profile of your products and help your customers make healthy choices, reach us at


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