Lute-gen® – FINALIST NutraIngredients USA

🏆 The countdown has begun! Join us on on Wednesday, July 13 at 11am CT, Chicago to find out if Lute-gen®, our clinically-researched lutein & zeaxanthin complex, is a WINNER! @NutraUSA – SAVE THE DATE –

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We look forward to the C-Suite Summit 2022 tomorrow!

Team Bio-gen Extracts is hoping to rub shoulders with some fantastic professionals of our industry.

We also hope that everyone will find some actionable insights in our presentation – Harnessing the power of innovation

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Doing our part for the environment!

At Bio-gen Extracts, we take environmental safety and sustainability seriously. Our systems, processes and beliefs reflect that.  

On the occasion of World Environment Day on 6th June 2022, our employees helped with the planting of tree saplings within the campus of our manufacturing facility. The EHS team also conducted a quiz followed by a Pick & Speak competition for our employees, which was finally concluded with a prize distribution.

As we hope to make our operations even more environmentally friendly, we are also looking to be more eco-conscious through various initiatives. The tree planting is just a beginning, there is more to come. Let us help stay green and Choose Good HealthTM.

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Study links Alpha Carotene to maternal MPOD.

A recent study from Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital shows that alpha-carotene and lutein were positively correlated with maternal macular pigment optical density (MPOD).

Read full article here:

Our carotenoid complex CaroRite™ contains Alpha Carotene along with Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Beta Carotene and Lycopene, and has shown to significantly increase MPOD compared to baseline and placebo in a recently published clinical study.

Write to us to learn how you could create products that increase MPOD with CaroRite™.

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Paving the way to women’s health

As the world is looking for substitutes to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Soy Isoflavones seem to offer a promising natural alternative. 

Bio-gen Extracts is the largest manufacturer of Soy Isoflavones in India. OptiFlavoneTM is standardized Soy Isoflavones containing Daidzein & Genistein only. It is manufactured from Non-GMO Soy Bean using a proprietary process that ensures maximum efficacy of the two most studied Isoflavones. This standardization ensures lower dosage and therefore, a lower cost per dose.

Reach us at to know more!

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Lute-gen® has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Healthy Aging category – NutraIngredients USA 2022

THANK YOU!🏆 It is an honour to receive this recognition by the #NutraIngredients USA #Awards.

Lute-gen® has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Healthy Aging category thanks to our efforts and studies on healthy cellular aging, visual health and cognitive function.

We thank our team, our clients, partners, and suppliers for supporting our mission and for their passion to help millions of people Choose Good Health™

Bio-gen Extracts also congratulates the other finalists for their efforts and hard work for making the list.

See the full list of finalists here:

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