Preventing lifestyle-related health problems with Dietary Fiber

To learn more about FenuLean® and how we can help you develop potential solutions to aid a healthy lifestyle, write to us at

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Non-GMO Project Verified Lute-gen®

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Making small changes to stay earth-positive

Bio-gen Extracts is using recycled paper to do our bit for the planet,
thanks to our recycled paper partner ‘Ethical Papers’ @ethicalpaper @recycled-papers @recycled_papers

Check them out here:

We urge you to adopt earth-positive measures in your organization as well. Together, we can make a difference. 

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Supporting an Active Lifestyle

Developed to support active endurance & performance, TruBeet® is not just for athletes. Fitness and an active lifestyle are the need of the hour. The increased awareness of fitness has created a demand for products that can support such a lifestyle.

TruBeet® is ideal for such applications as it is extremely versatile due to its taste and ease of use. It is rich in vitamins & minerals and contains a high concentration of natural nitrates, a key precursor to exercise performance.

Write to us at to learn more about how TruBeet® can support an active lifestyle.  

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Celebrating the New Year

Moments that are celebrated are also remembered. At Bio-gen Extracts, we took the opportunity to not only celebrate the New Year, but to also recognize our dedicated and supportive staff.

The management team commemorated our employees for their support & drive that helped us grow in our operations, in spite of challenges faced due to COVID-19.

The gratitude received was also reciprocated to the management team by the employees, for allowing flexibility of work and offering a work-from-home arrangement that helped them maintain good health & safety protocols for themselves and their families. 

Bio-gen Extracts wishes everyone a safer, healthier & happier New Year! May our commitment towards science fuel the drive towards a healthy lifestyle for all.

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Develop on-the-go product formats with our cold water dispersible ingredients

Innovative product formats are sought after by today’s consumers. Our Cold Water Dispersible Powders open up possibilities for on-the-go dietary supplement applications that are convenient & easy to use.

Write to us at sales@bio-gen.into learn more about our self-dispersing ingredient options.

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