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Visitors at our stall – Asia Pharma Expo 2017

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Leading the Way

There are a great deal of natural ingredients that are waiting to be discovered and brought to light for commercial applications and betterment of humanity in general. The Indian subcontinent with its treasure trove of medicinal plants and natural remedies … Continue reading

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Stepping up the Quality Game

Bio-gen believes in maintaining the best of safety and quality measures in all our operations. We have independent monitoring systems and metrics that track every source and point of delivery. This helps us safeguard against contamination, improper handling and exposure … Continue reading

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Bеtа Cаrоtеnе – Health Bеnеfitѕ

Beta Cаrоtеnе, аѕ an аnti-оxidаnt, supports thе cardiovascular system. And, аftеr thе bоdу trаnѕfоrmѕ Beta Carotene tо Vitаmin A, it hеlрѕ maintain the hеаlth оf the ѕkin, immunе ѕуѕtеm, and eyes; and Vitamin A iѕ аn еѕѕеntiаl component оf the … Continue reading

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Natural Extracts to Nutraceuticals – The New Demands of New Consumers

The Indian pharmaceutical market is one of the most exciting in the world. According to a recent McKinsey report, India will become one of the top 10 pharmaceutical markets in the world by 2015. Healthcare consumption in the country is … Continue reading

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