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There are a great deal of natural ingredients that are waiting to be discovered and brought to light for commercial applications and betterment of humanity in general. The Indian subcontinent with its treasure trove of medicinal plants and natural remedies that has stood the test of time and its deep rooted history in Ayurveda is a hotbed of innovation for the nutraceutical industry. Many remedies and ingredients that are highly potent and potentially commercially-significant wait to be discovered here.

India is fast becoming a great source for potent ingredients and extracts that have many new applications.  The nutraceutical industry at large itself has developed significantly in the last few years. The growth in demand in nutraceutical, food and pharmaceutical industries both in the country and globally has fueled the growth of the Nutraceutical Industry ecosystem in India.

Bio-gen is leading this innovation with our constant efforts towards the discovery, development and production of new ingredients that are potent and has great commercial applications in most major markets. The latest of these developments include the Garlic extract, The Papaya leaf extract and Nigella Sativa extract, among others. We are committed to the discovery and development of new ingredients and natural extracts that have significant applications in many industries.

All this, combined with our transparent supply chain management that ensures quality from farm/field to shelf offers our customers cutting edge ingredients, documentation and a reliable infrastructure for sustainable supply of quality ingredients all year around. The company is HACCP, ISO, HALAL and KOSHER certified and exports to many countries all over the world.

Our partners look to us for Quality Assurance, Certifications, a Reliable Supply chain and also for the fact that we help them bring to market new products and ingredients with our R&D efforts and our constant exploration of new ingredients that adds to their portfolios. We embrace long, mutually-beneficial relationships that help our clients and us grow together by helping one another.

We will continue our efforts to bring great quality ingredients to market while becoming a reliable partner to our clients. To learn more about Bio-gen, our latest offerings or developments, write to sales@bio-gen.in

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