Stepping up the Quality Game

Bio-gen believes in maintaining the best of safety and quality measures in all our operations. We have independent monitoring systems and metrics that track every source and point of delivery. This helps us safeguard against contamination, improper handling and exposure to undesirable environment. We take quality of all our ingredients seriously.  This is something our clients have come to appreciate and count on. Bio-gen has a clear vision on the importance of quality of all the products we manufacture and deliver. We maintain this at the highest priority and take it up on ourselves to safeguard the quality of our products for our clients.

The level of control and the quality measurements are open for scrutinize to all partners, clients and potential customers.  Apart from the regulatory measures, we go to great lengths to ensure that no leaf is unturned in ensuring that the quality of ingredients that reaches our clients are the best. We think of this as being important to our clients and something that is of highest priority to us to ensure a long lasting relationship with our clients.

Bio-gen is OHSAS, HACCP, ISO, KOSHER & HALAL certified company, that does not like to rest on its laurels when it comes to maters of quality. be it manufacturing, processing, shipping or handling. Our safety records have been the best for as long as we have been in operation and we continue to set the bar higher every year. Our Q&A department takes the strictest of measures to handle all materials coming in, being processed and being dispatched in the most appropriate and safe manner possible. We believe that the end product that reaches the consumer is only as good as the quality of the ingredients that go into its making. And with this pretext, we make it our responsibility to keep up our end of the game and be accountable for our operations. Which, we believe, should be the priority of all players in the supply chain in our industry.

Bio-gen will continue to improve our efforts towards quality assurance of products and processes to help our clients get not only the best of ingredients, but also the safest and of the greatest quality. If you have any questions regarding the nature and quality of ingredients you get from Bio-gen, please write to us at and we’ll write back with everything you need to know.

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