Fighting cognitive decline with Fiber!

According to a recent study, adequate fiber intake reduces the risk of developing cognitive decline in older people.

Read the full article here:

The study, published in the journal Age & Ageing, examined the association between dietary fiber & cognitive decline in older adults. The researchers studied the diet, cognitive state and other health parameters of 848 volunteers over 15 years and found that a daily increase in just 5g of fiber was significantly associated with a 30% lower risk of cognitive decline.

FenuLean®, our clinically-studied Fenugreek Protein & Fiber not only provides an ideal dose of soluble & insoluble fibers with resistant starch, but is also highly effective in metabolic maintenance. It may be an ideal ingredient to enhance the daily fiber intake & support the cognitive health of your older consumers.           

Reach us at to learn more about FenuLean®.

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