NutraIngredients Asia Award 2022 Unboxing

We received our NutraIngredients-Asia Award 2022 for Ingredient of the Year – Healthy Ageing, a few weeks ago. 

We organized an unboxing of the award with our staff to showcase our gratitude for the contribution made by each individual.

This award means a lot to us. It is a testament to what our company stands for and the relentless pursuit of our leadership team and our hard-working team members. We have been working hard to unlock the potential of Lute-gen® to better serve humanity and we feel honoured for being recognized for that effort.

Bio-gen Extracts will continue the work to bring longevity, visual health and improved cognitive function to the consumers. Thank you NutraIngredients-Asia for the award and your support in helping the world Choose Good Health™ with Lute-gen®.

Reach us at to bring value to your consumers with Lute-gen®!

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