Our Challenge – Part1

One of the biggest challenges facing our world today is consumer awareness towards the benefits of nutrition and nutraceuticals and their role in a healthy lifestyle. For a society that has long practiced a symptomatic treatment approach to fighting diseases, a curative, therapeutic or restorative approach to health and well-being requires a great change in mind  set, common practices and customs involved in and around how we deal with the delivery of healthcare and medication.  Yes, what all this calls for is a shift in mind-set, and at scale, at the grass-root levels. 

This is neither a simple or easy challenge nor is it one with a definitive road map. In order to create a win-win situation between the creators and consumers of medical and nutritional solutions that deal with well-being rather than cure, it is important to drive this perception into society that one needs to adopt a mind-set of healthy-living and what their part is towards that goal. This however comes with a lot of friction in terms of reach, understanding and even adoption in communities where these perceptions may betoo strange for most to commoners to understand. 

The challenge therefore, apart from the creation and distribution of affordable theraputic solutions is the education and facilitation that would drive the adoption of the mindset that right nutrition can be theraputic and would have long-term benefits. What should be addressed is, how one would identify ways of spreading awareness in communities that are significantly diverse in their educational, economic, social and cultural background.   

This calls for a wide-spread health-renaissance of sorts, not only in those who already have sufficient education and well-being, but everyone. A renaissance that helps people understand and adopt a mind-set of well being through a nutritional and therapeutic framework at a personal level. One that is part of the lifestyle.  In order to make this a reality, there needs to be a collaboration between, medical practitioners, educational institutions, healthcare providers, media and the various government agencies that can support and sustain such an initiative long enough for it to become mainstream and thoroughly influence the life of people at large. 

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