A New Beginning

We realize faster than before that food is not the same as Nutrition. One of the biggest challenges facing us today is to get sufficient nutrition for an increasingly demanding lifestyle. Most of the food we consume today, in our fast paced life, does not provide the sufficient nutrition. This gets further complicated once you consider the various nutritional requirements of people of various age groups, genders and physiological and medical conditions. The role of Nutritional Engineering has increased significantly over the years and has its implications in various contexts in our day to day lives. The focus of healthcare and preventive medicine is slowly shifting to Nutritional Sciences to help people achieve optimal performance and health.

We believe that our world needs a pragmatic nutritional revolution. A revolution that not only meets the nutritional and preventive healthcare requirements of people who can afford it, but one which can make a difference in every strata of the society. The fundamental aspect of this belief system comes from the idea that improvement in nutrition improves life at large, and helps to make a more productive and happy generation of people.

We, at Bio-gen believe that every player in the nutraceutical space has an opportunity and the responsibility to bring quality and affordable nutritional solutions by way of functional foods, preventive medicine, supplementation for everyone. For this to happen successfully and to impact society at large, these players need to also make significant developments in creating new solutions for the mass market for specific healthcare and nutritional requirements, that are presently not met.  This goes beyond the current scenario of pushing new brands into the market to gain market share and requires a closer examination of problems that still plague people at large.

There needs to be significant developments in gathering physiological data at large and modeling these data to understand patterns of various health conditions within our large groups of people. So far, we have only treated nutrition at a personal level. Nutraceuitcal industry has the expertise to develop solutions for most nutritional and food related requirements. But, we believe that the way forward is going to be increasingly from the other end of the spectrum, which is nutritional data. Predictive analytics which will tell an individual what micro nutrient that they’re are deficient at, technology that would warn or notify individuals when there is significant change in their bio-chemistry due to external or internal conditions and systems that study the effects of health and nutrition in real time are all in the making.  Let’s prepare for the future of nutritional engineering.

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