Accreditation board aims to enhance scientific credibility of supplements

At Vitafoods 2023, Empowered by Evidence (EBE), a nonprofit accreditation body, advocated for improved standards in industry science. The US-based global board encourages reproducible research to establish a market with effective, clinically backed & accredited products. Building clinical evidence & ensuring reproducibility, reliability & consistency helps foster innovation & enhances the credibility of the supplements. This leads the consumers to trust the quality & effectiveness of the supplements they purchase rather than just picking up the financially accessible products on the shelf that may have misleading claims & may not be tested for their efficacy and safety. The presentation aimed to raise awareness & encourage companies to prioritize scientific integrity in their product development.

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At Bio-gen Extracts, we prioritize the rigorous scientific studies of our ingredients, thus ensuring the highest standards of quality & reliability. Our research is conducted in accordance with international guidelines & we go the extra mile by subjecting our study designs to thorough vetting by third-party organizations & industry stakeholders.

By combining our commitment to meticulous scientific research with a user-friendly approach to disseminating information, we strive to empower our customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. You can trust our dedication to scientific integrity & our unwavering focus on accessibility of information for everyone.

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