Nitrate supplementation improves muscle performance, shows study

A new research from the University of Exeter and the US National Institute of Health shows increased muscle force during exercise with the consumption of dietary nitrates.

This study not only shows a direct correlation between nitrate levels and exercise performance but the findings may also help address the health conditions that arise due to nitric oxide deficiency.

Read fill article here:

TruBeet®, our Non-GMO project verified beetroot extract that has inherent vasodilation properties and high concentration of dietary nitrates and nitrites, is designed to support exercise performance and an active lifestyle.

As part of our own research initiatives on TruBeet®, we have entered into a multi-year partnership with Loughborough University, UK, to evaluate the impact of supplementation of TruBeet® on exercise performance and cardiovascular health. Read the full article on this here:

Write to us at today, learn how TruBeet® can help improve the exercise performance of your sports and active lifestyle consumers.

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