Lute-gen®- Ingredient of the Year: Healthy Ageing!

Healthy ageing has a new hero!

We are thrilled to announce that Lute-gen® is the winner for 2022 NutraIngredients-Asia Awards – Ingredient of the Year: Healthy Ageing!

Gary Scattergood, Editor-in-Chief of NutraIngredients-Asia, commented: “Our judges were impressed by how the entry displayed that the combination of Lutein and Zeaxanthin can offer a range of healthy ageing benefits beyond their traditional use for eye health”.

As we look forward to bringing longevity, eye health and improved cognitive function to the consumers, we thank the judges for this esteemed recognition. We also thank our team, partners and clients for their support for this fabulous journey of Lute-gen® and Bio-gen Extracts.

Reach us at if you are developing products for Healthy Ageing.

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