Harnessing the Power of Innovation – Part 1

Traceable & Transparent Supply Chain

We understand the significance of having a traceable & transparent Supply Chain. It is one of our core ethos as a company and a major pillar of our innovation practices. Our seed-to-drum program that guarantees traceability of the ingredient from farm to final ingredient plays a major role in helping us achieve this goal.


The most commercially available Lutein & Zeaxanthin are obtained from marigold flowers of the Tagetes erecta species. The Southern Indian climate is most suitable for growing high quality marigold flowers. We have achieved backward integration of the supply chain for our marigold extracts, along with complete traceability from the marigold seeds to the finished ingredient.

All data points including where & how it is grown, soil quality of the growing regions, the use of pesticides & fertilizers as well as Good Agricultural & Collection Practices (GACP) are available. Additionally, we make an effort to follow sustainable farming practices and have adopted social responsibility initiatives for the farming communities.

Adherence to good production practices, means that our ingredients are of the highest safety and quality standards. This ensures that your consumer not only gets the most ethically sourced, responsibly grown ingredients, but also helps them Choose Good HealthTM every time.


Bio-gen Extracts has developed a ‘Seed-to-Drum’ concept in partnership with Nutralliance USA to ensure complete transparency in the Lutein & Zeaxanthin manufacturing process. This ensures that our partners and clients receive products that are fully transparent from the source and are ready for manufacturing and consumption, while maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality. Every effort is taken to ensure that safety and quality during harvesting, handling and processing is maintained without loss in potency, while staying clear of any trace of contamination.

Watch this video to know more about our Seed-to-drum program: https://choosegoodhealth.blog/2016/01/06/seed-to-drum-traceability-with-bio-gen-nutralliance/

We carefully choose our marigold supply partners through a stringent evaluation process. Strict protocols for growing of marigold flowers, from which we extract our Lutein & Zeaxanthin-isomers, ensure the safety and quality at every stage. Our supply partners understand and maintain strict quality directives of our Seed-to-drum process and play a critical role in maintaining all our quality objectives. All of these processes are also monitored by us for every batch that is produced and shipped.


In an industry where quality is of the highest regard, good practices like these become the cornerstone for everyone involved. Through our partnerships and explorations, we look for opportunities to improve our offerings and develop innovative practices that ensure quality of products for our clients and peace of mind for consumers.

Transparency and traceability of the supply chain will remain a foundation of our organization and our innovation philosophy. Reach us at sales@bio-gen.in to learn more about our traceable and transparent supply chain.

​Also, stay tuned for Part-2!

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