17 Years of Growth & Innovations


Bio-gen Extracts has completed 17 years of operations this year. We have seen several challenges, many opportunities and have found a way to keep growing and innovating. The company founded by three young partners has grown into a power-house of talent and productivity that has helped us achieve unprecedented growth and enables us to pursue new opportunities boldly.

We have, over the years introduced new products, entered new markets and supported our expansive client-base that spans the globe with a consistent supply chain, new product innovations and strategic partnerships that help them achieve their goals. We believe in helping our clients and partners grow.

As a company, we are committed to relentlessly exploring new market opportunities and meeting them with products that are not only of the best of quality, but also increasingly efficient in their capacity to give results while improving efficacy. We have had the opportunity to build a strong support network of vendors and suppliers who understand our quest and support us.

Our leadership team has had the opportunity to not only understand and grow with our constantly evolving industry, but also develop insights that has proven to be critical in forming strategic partnerships in markets that we are keen on while giving unmatched value to our partners. We find ourselves in the midst of a highly paced industry and brace ourselves to take on the challenges that come our way.

We are excited about the new emerging technologies that have potential to disrupt our industry and the markets we serve. To this end, we have outlined a road-map that helps us develop a knowledge base that will help our teams look into and also build the future of Nutraceuticals. We are a team that is constantly learning and this shows in the approach of all our staff across all departments. We believe that our knowledge base is the corner-stone of all our growth.

We are observant of the trends in the market down to the consumer level. This requires a constant effort. However, this is the very aspect of our learning-protocol that helps us identify trends that can be sustainable and helps us offer products and solutions to our clients that help them go the extra mile.

We have 17 years behind us, but our journey is far from over. Every year is a new beginning for us. We thank all those who stood by us, we thank our clients and partners and wish them great success in the year to come. Looking forward to a future of better health through better Nutrition.

– Management



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