Natural Food Colors – Sustainably & Safely coloring Food, Drugs and Cosmetics.



The dyes extracted from plants, animals or minerals are broadly called Natural Food Colors. Their main application is in the coloring of food, pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics. Natural Food Colors are mostly obtained from plant based materials such as plant seeds, flowers, algae, fruits, vegetables, leaves & bark, crustaceans and sometimes, even insects. Cochineal, an insect from which the natural dye Cochineal is extracted. It is primarily used as a dye for fabrics and in coloring cosmetics dye and also as natural food coloring. Natural colors come from various natural sources and have been used in many industries for consistently coloring products safely. 

What is interesting about Natural Food Colors is that they are safe to use as food additives and coloring agents. Since they are naturally derived, they do not have side effects.  Natural food colors are popularly food additives that are present in food products that we consume everyday. 

Growing concerns regarding synthetic food colors, their safety and and easy availability of natural food coloring options have paved the way for Natural Food Colors in the last few years. This trend is going to continue.  A few commonly used natural colors are Beta Carotene, Turmeric (Curcumin), Beet juice (root), red Cabbage (vegetable) and Red Spinach (leaf) 

Bio-gen’s food colors are produced at our facility in Dobaspet, Bangalore. All of our colors are extracted from materials that are obtained from sustainable sources that are maintained and where responsible agricultural practices are maintained.  We focus on obtaining our materials from regional sources and plantations that adhere to the best of operational and quality standards. Our in-house lab also helps in analyzing all materials that come into out facility and all the Food Colors that are extracted here. Our R&D team has been instrumental in developing our latest offering in Natural Food Colors:

  • Beta Carotene – 5%, 10% & 20% CWD Powder – Orange to Red 
  • Beta Carotene – 10% Emulsion – Red
  • Lutein 5% & 10% CWD Powder – Orange to Reddish Orange
  • Zeaxanthin 5% & 10% CWD Powder – Orange to Reddish Orange
  • Curcumin 10% & 20% CWD Powder – Yellow to Orange-Yellow
  • Acacia Catechu Extract – Similar to Caramel
  • Caesalpinia Extract – Yellow to Reddish-Brown
  • Black Carrot Extract – Red
  • Phycoyanin – Blue 

To learn more about our latest Natural Food Colors or to obtain samples,  write to

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