New Challenges, New Opportunities

We are currently developing products that we believe have great market potential.  Bio-gen Extracts is pursuing the development of new products and solutions for Age-Related Illnesses, Protection of the Heart, Controlling Cholesterol Levels, Blood Pressure and Bone Health and a lot more.

Our R&D efforts focus on new product development which in turn help our clients bring new products to market, faster than ever before.  There is tremendous focus on making ingredients that are significantly better, highly bio-available and of greater quality.  We are steadily increasing our efforts and attention on R&D, to help us create innovative products, processes and solutions.

In the past years, we have created a dependable operational framework that helps us develop new products faster than ever before.

It is increasingly clear that new opportunities are available to those who go the extra mile to develop new products or solutions to meet the emerging challenges in our market. To do this effectively, new methodologies that guarantee quality, consistency and safety of the ingredients and formulations need to be implemented effectively.

What makes Bio-gen Extracts an ideal partner to meet these new challenges, is primarily our capability to develop and supply new line of products and ingredients consistently. Our state of the art facility in Dobaspet, Bangalore, is a manufacturing plant and processing unit. Our corporate office is also at this facility. This helps us coordinate and streamline our operations ensuring all deliveries and dispatches happen seamlessly.

Our extensive R&D lab has a parallel directive to help in the development of new products along with its regular functioning. The management takes a serious interest in the development of new products and product categories and drive the research into identifying product types, ingredients and formulations that directly impact the bottom line of our clients.  We have been fortunate in the sense that our clients now look at us for not just consistent supply of quality ingredients, but also to develop new product lines that help them meet emerging market opportunities.

Some of the new products developed through our R&D Initiatives are the Garlic Extract for lipid management (under Clinal Trial), Ultra-gen Omega, a supplementary product that has multiple benefits for the aging populace and high-quality non-GMO Lutein with complete traceability.

Watch this space to know more about our product developments. Write to to know more about our latest developments.

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