Lutein Breakthrough

At Bio-gen, we have always been developing new ways of making our products better, functionally. To this end, we have developed a new lipid extraction process for Lutein that significantly increases its Bio-availability that may result in a more potent product. We consider this to be another significant break-through in our Lutein offering.  Lutein is a naturally occurring carotenoid that is used in developing nutraceutical products that help in the prevention of eye diseases.  

We are manufacturers of high-quality non-gmo Lutein. We also have a ‘seed-to-drum’ quality control process that maintains transparency and ensures quality and safety of Lutein from source to delivery. 

The newly developed process has many advantages over traditional processing of Lutein, the main improvement being a significantly more bio-available Lutein, compared to Lutein made from other processes. This Patent-able Lipid Extraction Process was developed in-house at Bio-gen and will continue to further our efforts towards bringing significantly better Lutein to our clients..

A recent pre-clinical study that we completed show a greater degree of bio-available Lutein developed using the new process. The results have been promising and point in the direction of a more potent form of Lutein that may improve the degree of absorption in the body.  

Bio-availability has been a crucial factor the could directly impact the potency of the active ingredient. There has been a great deal of interest in the industry to create products that are sufficiently bio-available once they’re in the body, with a view to aid better absorption in the body. 

We will continue with our efforts to make our ingredients and our products increasingly bio-available and potent. Our R&D is constantly working towards creating new processes that help us make ingredients that are not just superior quality, but also greatly potent.   

In a market where product innovation and genuine promises directly translate to value to the consumer, developments like this add to the quality of products and their effectiveness in the long run. Bio-gen is constantly striving towards bringing new products to market and also improving our existing line of products and services. To know more about our new Lutein Extraction Process, reach us at

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