Natural Garlic Extract – Part2


In our pursuit to introduce positive life-changing products to the world, we developed the Garlic Extract product that helps fight cholesterol while lowering high blood pressure. This has been a product that was developed in-house in our state of the art R&D facility in Dobaspet, Bangalore.  Our hands on approach to product testing and development enables us to test product hypothesis quickly and iterate faster to successful and desire-able results.

Garlic has always shown to have several health benefits. It has been studied as a potent source for the cure of many illnesses that plague mankind. The recent studies that we conducted proved the much speculated fact that garlic is highly beneficial for blood circulation, lowering lipid levels, reducing blood cholesterol and lowering high blood pressure.

Combined with a good diet, exercise and sleep patterns, consumption of Garlic extract as a food supplement has shown to have reduced cholesterol and even lowered blood pressure in test subjects during many studies. Bio-gen has produced highly potent garlic extract in easy to consume tablet form for patients who need a natural, safe and sustainable way to reduce cholesterol. We truly believe that this product is poised to be one of the leading answers for naturally reducing cholesterol levels while improving blood circulation.

The primary concern with consumption of natural garlic has always been the aftertaste and the bad breath. Our taste-masking technology removes the pungent taste and order of natural garlic while preserving the active ingredients that make it potent. The users can therefore consume the recommended dosage of product without worrying about after-tastes or bad breath. Garlic extract is very safe to consume for people who are on other medication as well and shows to have no particular side-effects.

Our Garlic Extract is made from the best of sources of high-quality natural garlic in this part of the world. The final product is safe for consumption for all age-groups. Our production process maintains the highest levels of quality and safety, while improving the potency of the ingredient. Our studies have shown that our Garlic Extract improves blood circulation and reduces many cardiovascular risk factors like triglycerides, platelet  aggregation, elevated homocysteine and serum cholesterol.

At a time when the world at large is looking at alternative solutions for better health, natural remedies and products continue to gain significant growth in the west as well as other markets. A product that has multiple desirable benefits, one that aids in lowering lipids and cholesterol, improving circulation and lowering blood pressure offers great value and opens up many possibilities even in competitive markets.

Write to us at to learn more about our Garlic Extract product and how it can benefit your customers.


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