Carotenoids – Part1


There are over six hundred known carotenoids. Xanthophylls, that contain oxygen and carotenes, which are purely hydrocarbons, and contain no oxygen. The carotenoids – lutein, astaxanthin, and zeaxanthin absorb the damaging blue and near-ultraviolet light to protect the macula of the retina, the part of the eye with the sharpest vision. Carotenoids make excellent ingredients in products that improve or restore eyesight.

The color of carotenoids range from pale yellow, all the way to bright orange or even deep red. This is directly linked to their molecular structure and their ability to absorb and refract certain wavelengths of light. Xanthophylls are often yellow, hence their class name.

Carotenoids are found distributed in plants and animals as red, yellow and orange pigments. We are mostly incapable of synthesizing carotenoids within our bodies, and must obtain them through our diet. Generally, people who consume foods that are rich in carotenoids from natural foods, such as good fruits and vegetables, are shown to be healthier than those who don’t and have a lower mortality from many chronic diseases. Carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables are also low in lipids.

Carotenoids are absorbed from the intestine with the help of dietary fats and are incorporated into chylomicrons for transport in the serum. The various structural features possessed by carotenoids are the reason for their selective distribution in organ tissues, provitamin A potency and the maintenance of the ideal state of biological activities.

Carotenoids posses several benefits and serve many physiological functions. Their structure makes them very efficient free-radical eliminators. Many studies have shown Carotenoids to significantly enhance the vertebrate immune system.

Apart from being excellent for eye-health, Carotenoids are vitamin A precursors and antioxidants. Careotenoids are used commercially in nutritional supplements and also as food coloring. These multiple value points make carotenoids an excellent component in existing and emerging nutraceuticals and therapeutic products. As a manufacturer of these products, you need to ensure potency of the carotenoids you use, the source history; and also whether necessary industry and safety standards are met during manufacturing & processing.

We manufacture excellent Natural Beta-Carotene (Beta Caro-gen). Lutein (Lute-gen), Zeaxanthin (Zea-gen) in our GMP certified plant at Dobastpet, Bangalore. Our products have received great appreciation by our clients over the years.  To learn more about our range of carotenoids, their production, documentation, to request a sample or clarifications, write to

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