Making Quality Lutein – Part1

Lutein has always been a natural part of diet of human beings. Natural Lutein was derived from fruits and vegetables that were part of the diet. Naturally, Lutein is found in broccoli, spinach, kale, corn, orange pepper, kiwi fruit, squash, grapes, zucchini and orange juice. Lutein has been incorporated into dietary supplements from around 1996. A dietary intake of 6–10 mg/day has shown to have positive effects for people in all age groups. Lutein is found as a color pigment in the human eye. Its functions as a light filter, thereby protecting the tissues in the eye from the damage of sunlight. Lutein has found many applications in products that cater to the prevention of degeneration of the eye.


Lutein is one of the fastest growing product segments in the expanding carotenoid market. New applications emerge in cosmetics, skin-care and the anti-oxidant market. Lutein has been at the centre of the carotenoid market because of its potency and diverse application potential. Lutein has founds its application in a wide variety of products in food, healthcare, beauty and other consumable products industries. The growing demand for Lutein means that there are multiple sources to choose from and many players entering the Lutein manufacturing space. The challenges that are evident are securing a reliable and transparent source for Lutein. A partner company that ensure not only the quality of the product but also maintains consistency in batches, fulfils orders on time and provides complete transparency from source to drum and to you.


Bio-gen is a dominant Lutein manufacturers in India, making high-quality Lutein. We have a unique Seed-to-Drum process that maintains the quality and potency of Lutein throughout all stages of manufacture. We ensure that no compromises are made in sourcing, preparation, processing, storing and transportation of Lutein to our client, who can then derive the maximum benefits of the ingredient and maximize its effectiveness in their end products. We source natural Lutein from the best sources in our part of the world. Everything from topography, climatic conditions, geography, chemical properties of the soil and many factors of the plantations are taken to consideration and studied extensively before a plantation is selected.


The raw material that arrives at our GMP certified plant at Dabaspet, Bangalore and goes through a several stages of testing and preparation before it enters the many stages of production that gives us the final high-quality Lutein. We make it a point to ensure complete transparency of our sources, techniques and processes so our clients can have all information, greater control and peace of mind purchasing Lutein. Complete documentation and support is provided to all clients. Our quick-response system extends to all our clients and helps you get any information you need about products, orders or consignments around the clock.

We are poised to become one of the major manufacturers of highly potent Lutein in the country. We ship to all clients all over the world. Our client and partners have found our Lutein to be of exceptional quality and consistency.  Our highly trained staff and our state-of-the art machinery ensures consistency of the product while maintaining the desirable density and state of the active ingredient.

To learn more about our signature Seed-to-drum concept of Lutein production or for clarifications, write to
Our team will respond at the earliest possible to assist you with everything you need to source great quality Lutein, that has guaranteed quality.

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