Natural Ingredient with Lipid-Lowering abilities that also helps reduce high BP – Part1


Ancient Medicine has always used effective ingredients that were either available in nature or cultivated specially for the purpose of medicine-making. Most of these were plant-derived. One example of a very potent natural drug is Garlic. Garlic is traditionally known for its healing & recuperative properties in cultures ranging from the orient to many western cultures. Traditionally, Garlic used in food or special herbal preparations that had to be consumed fresh. Garlic is known to reduce blood clots and improve blood circulation when consumed in moderation.  All this said, the new application of the Therapeutic Properties of Garlic is being discovered only now.

The most active Medicinal Compounds in garlic are sulfur compounds found in few other plants; these are thought to be responsible for garlic’s documented antibacterial anti-bacterial action, antiviral and anti-fungal properties.  It has also been studied that people who took a daily Allicin Supplement were more than 50% less likely to catch a cold. Additionally, those who take Allicin based supplements who were unlucky enough to catch a cold tended to recover a lot more quicker than others who did not and also were significantly less likely to become re- infected.  Studies have also shown that eating garlic regularly could reduce the risk of developing certain kinds of esophageal, stomach, and colon cancers. 

Garlic Supplements are usually available in the market as tablets, capsules, and tinctures. Odor-controlled powders, garlic-concentrates, and capsules are other popular forms. Players in the Nutraceutical space are increasingly standardizing their products for desirable garlic compounds such as allicin, but also total sulfur, allin, and S-allyl cysteine.

The Break-Through

Bio-gen has been studying active ingredients found in Organic Garlic to understand its value and possible applications for Blood-related ailments. Our studies show that the active ingredient found in garlic, ‘Allicin’ is highly beneficial in reducing Blood Pressure in patients with high BP. We have successfully tested several batches of our unique formulation with promising & desirable results. What interests us even more is the fact that this is a completely natural formulation with no side effects.

The focus of our studies have revolved around the lipid-lowering ability of Garlic Extract. The tests have shown significant lipid-lowering activity in the subjects at a rate faster than other ingredients that influence the lipid profiles positively. The results have been quite promising so far and favorably consistent. Further more, the test also show significant reduction in the blood-pressure of the test subjects with high BP, at a desirably quick rate. We believe that a formulation that lowers lipids to their desirable levels and also lowers high Blood Pressure and does it consistently offers valuable opportunity to anyone who desires to develop products that have these qualities independently or together.

Bio-gen has developed a Unique ‘Proprietary Extraction Process’ that helps us improve the Active Ingredient composition of our formulations without any loss of potency.  This gives us significant advantage over other traditional extraction methods in the industry. Additionally, this gives our clients an edge over their competition by helping them develop a superior product quickly and putting it to market faster than others.

We have always been a big advocate of Natural Products & High-Quality ingredients for the manufacture of Nutraceuticals & ingredients for Pharmaceutical applications.  We are excited to have developed a formulation that can help develop new products that aid in significant lipid-lowering while also reducing high-BP, all this while eliminating the risk of the side-effects of other available medications. We will continue our research towards Garlic-Extracts and other all-natural-active-ingredients in the Nutraceutical space while giving our clients and partners an edge to produce highly-potent products that are not only safe to the users but also highly effective and therapeutic.

Our new Garlic Supplement Formulation & Documentation is available presently.
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