22nd Anniversary celebrations

Our 22nd Anniversary celebrations on 11th July saw a magnificent turnout of our wonderful staff in a merry festivity of our achievements and mission.

Employees who completed 10 years of service were applauded with accolades. Bio-gen Extracts is thankful for their relentless support and hard work.

We are also grateful for another year of working together to help Choose Good Health™ .

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Bio-gen Extracts is celebrating our 22nd Anniversary today!

We have grown as a team and built relationships with some wonderful people and organizations along the way.

As we look forward to a bright future, we thank everyone for being part of this delightful journey!

This feels like one step. Lots to do…

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Insights on Harnessing Innovation at Nutrify C-Suite Summit 2022

At Bio-gen Extracts, we are excited to discuss innovation as much as bringing our innovations to the world.

This year, Salman Mehkri had the opportunity to present how Bio-gen Extracts harnesses the power of innovation across the nutraceutical value chain at the Nutrify C-Suite Summit 2022.

Saif Mehkri, the Founder & Director of Bio-gen Extracts was also one of the judges in the Nutra Innovation Challenge.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to showcase how Bio-gen Extracts is well positioned to help achieve the USD 100B goal for the nutraceutical industry in India.

We look forward to the Nutrify C-Suite Summit 2023

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Scientific research that helps you Choose Good Health™

Research that helps bring clinically-proven and potent natural ingredients to the people is at the cornerstone of what we stand for, at Bio-gen Extracts.

Over the years, we have conducted some detailed studies to bring a holistic portfolio of products to the market with an aim to improve quality of life and help people Choose Good HealthTM.

Write to sales@bio-gen.in to learn how we can help you bring valuable products to your consumers with our extensive range of clinically-proven branded ingredients.

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Lute-gen® – FINALIST NutraIngredients USA

🏆 The countdown has begun! Join us on NutraIngredients-USA.com on Wednesday, July 13 at 11am CT, Chicago to find out if Lute-gen®, our clinically-researched lutein & zeaxanthin complex, is a WINNER! @NutraUSA – SAVE THE DATE –  https://bit.ly/3QjfsG1

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We look forward to the C-Suite Summit 2022 tomorrow!

Team Bio-gen Extracts is hoping to rub shoulders with some fantastic professionals of our industry.

We also hope that everyone will find some actionable insights in our presentation – Harnessing the power of innovation

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