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Beetroot supplementation may benefit resistance training, finds study

A recent study from Spain indicates that beetroot juice could benefit strength athletes by reducing heart rate variability and perceived exertion. Read full article here: The study found a decrease in root mean square successive difference (RMSSD), a time domain measure of heart … Continue reading

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Ringing in the New Year at Bio-gen Extracts

We attempted to harness the power of celebrations to welcome the New Year, as we evolve to face a new world of challenges and opportunities! Team Bio-gen Extracts celebrated the New Year in a grand ethnic splendour. We took the … Continue reading

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Another year of opportunities to Choose Good Health™ 

2022 was another challenging year for us all. However, these challenges helped us evolve, facilitate collaboration and grow empathy towards each other. While it was challenging, Bio-gen Extracts identified opportunities and strengthened our position to help people Choose Good Health™. … Continue reading

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Happy holidays everyone!

We thank all our customers, partners and colleagues during this wonderful holiday season as we reflect on the opportunities we chased and the blessings we received this year.  We had a great time working alongside all of you and we … Continue reading

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α-Carotene may be the protective-factor for muscle strength 

A US-based study has found that serum α-Carotene levels were positively correlated with muscle strength. Read full article here: This study may have opened up a whole new world of opportunities to help the older population with their athletic and … Continue reading

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Telomere length protection & healthy ageing

Telomere health could be an accurate measurement of biological age and it may be the key to overall health, wellness and longevity. Lute-gen® is our NutraIngredients-Asia Award winner and NutraIngredients-USA Award finalist ingredient for Healthy Ageing. It is a class-leading combination … Continue reading

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