Leading the Way to Safety & Quality‏

Nutraceuticals industry has come a long way since its beginning as an industry that operates in markets that are mostly unregulated or loosely regulated. Quality and Safety have become the biggest concerns of buyers of nutraceutical raw materials. Corporate responsibility, brand image and promise to customers have become the cornerstone of performance for serious players in the nutraceuitcal space. Many players have developed initiatives and methodologies to help them differentiate themselves in this regard. Bio-gen is pioneering efforts to meet our goals, guided by our vision.

Transparency is Sourcing & Processes
In an industry that is struggling with products and sources of questionable quality, we have made it a point to maintain the highest levels of quality of process, safety and integrity of our sources. Bio-gen and its partners have taken several initiatives to uphold the best practices for our industry and our clients. The factors that effect the quality of neutraceuticals such as  sourcing, processing, packing, storing and shipping are all handled with at most care.

Generally, It is quite hard to have an end to end understanding of all the areas of a manufacturing process before the products reach you, our clients. Quality of raw materials has always been a growing concern in the industry. Our seed-to-drum concept we undertook with our US based partners helps our client to track materials from their point of origin, through their processes to the shelves of their customers

Visionary R&D Team
A strong R&D initiative that is fuled by the urge to solve problems facing humanity and the industry. Bio-gen’s R&D is part of our efforts to stay at the fore-front of the innovation curve and pass on the benefits of our discoveries to our partners & clients.  R&D talent at Bio-gen is experienced and comes from the best universities in the country. The team goes to great lengths to ensure that no compromises are made in all undertakings.

All new products and concepts are presented to our clients and partners only after careful inspection and more than satisfactory clinical trials that are undertaken by the company. We make it our concern to not only develop solutions and products for prospective markets and promising applications while keeping safety as the top priority.

Regularly Audited Manufacturing Plant
Our facility at Dobaspet, Bangalore is regularly audited by regulatory bodies in the industry and also by our prospects and partners before entering into partnerships with us.  We take pleasure in helping all our clients understand our initiatives to maintaining standards that comply to and sometime surpass the guidelines set by international and national governing bodies in our industry.

We envision a future where people can consume products without worrying about undesirable effects while receiving all the necessary benefits of the product. A future where manufacturers, formulation companies, brands and businesses are ethical and transparent in their dealings and in the way they conduct themselves. We plan to set an example for what is ethically and morally right, stand by our principles without compromise.

If you are a player in the Nutracerutical’s space with a vision and philosophy that matches our’s, we welcome you to get in touch.
Let us grow together, guided by our principles.

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