Lutein Production: Transparency and Safety‏ – Part1

Bio-gen has developed a ‘Seed-to-Drum’ concept in partnership with Nutralliance to ensure complete transparency in the Lutein production process. This process ensures that our partners and clients receives products that are transparent from the source and ready for manufacturing and consumption. Every effort is taken to ensure that safety and quality during harvesting, handling and processing is maintained without loss in potency, while staying clear of any trace of contamination.

Our supply partners who own and operate marigold plantation maintain the highest levels of safety and growing standards right from the topographical conditions to careful nurturing and care of the plants during all stages of growing and harvesting. Our suppliers understand the strict quality directives of the Seed-to-drum process and play a critical role in maintain all quality objectives.

We have always been looking for ways to improve the quality of our products and to this end, we ensure that all measures are taken not only by our staff, but also our suppliers and partners to bring safe products that our clients depend upon. By looking closely at our supply chain and carefully managing the critical-points that effect the final product, we have been able to ensure consistency in our offering. Our Lutein (Lute-gen) is therefore of the highest of standards and potency and is ready for the next level of processing or formulations.

Our teams and various departments have organized themselves and their operational practices to support the seed-to-drum concept to contribute in their own individual ways towards this cause. Our work practices and protocols are adopted quickly by everyone in our organization at every level.

In an industry where quality is of the highest regard, good practices like these become the cornerstone for everyone involved. Through our partnerships and explorations, we look for opportunities to improve our offerings and develop innovative practices that ensure quality of products for our clients and peace of mind and good health for all end-users.

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